Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rough run...maybe I should "tri" harder?

I haven't blogged in sooo long, no excuse really...Today was our run with the LRM group in Maumelle. I haven't been super consistant running with the group on Staurday mornings, for one reason or another. The past few months were frought with 5k's and being out of town, so it look as if I will be able to run with them for a while (with the possible exception on June 20th, more on that later)...

It turned out to be a nice first it was lightning outside, but it cleared up really nicely. It was humid, of course, but it seemed cooler than it has the past few days or so in the morning. Cheryl and I did 9 miles and it was a LONG 9 miles. We were commenting that it felt like we hadn't done even 8 miles recently, considering how hard it seemed. My left hip has been bothering me (big shock, I know)...this past Monday I pulled something in Kickboxing class. I usually try to be careful about sidekicks and such, but I guess I wasn't warmed up enough or something. I was pretty frustrated...not only because the most RANDOM things set it off...but on top of that, I had to modify my running in Coach Dennis' clinic due to the tightness and pain. It started getting better until yesterday, again, when I was in my "boot-camp"type class....geez...Today during the run it felt okay until about mile 6-7 and I was ready to stop!
Cheryl and I were glad it was over and we headed to Starbuck's for some cafe'! It really is a treat now, since I only go after our Saturday runs!

As far as the running clinic goes, I am enjoying it...I really appreciate the tips, advice and wisdom that Coach Dennis has for us...I am hoping that the speedwork and (hopefully) hill repeats, will help me be better prepared for the Bass Pro Marathon in November. So far it seems not to be helping my long runs!

Next weekend is an "experimental" triathalon, if you will, at the NLRAC. It is a timed one hour simulated triathalon...10 minute lap swim, 30 minute bike ride, 20 min much mileage as possible. I am seriously thinking about trying it, just to see how it goes. I DO NOT SWIM, so this should be interesting and I must admit, it is my major concern...I guess my agenda is just to finish..and if nothing should be a good workout. I do dread the "Dreadmill" though...If they garner enough interest, they will look into sponsoring a "real" tri and even have training options...that would be awesome!