Monday, December 28, 2009

Ups and's a down...

Well...the last run I did was NOT the best...I only did 2.15 miles...part of that was extreme soreness from a few previous workouts, and part of it was the continued inability to get my shoes tight enough. I didn't want to do too much and end up with shin splints...I guess something is better than nothing. It makes me, kind of, dread my runs though...I guess I am anticipating pain or something. I think I will have to scale back on my cross training, so I am not so sore....

I know my last post was much more positive...I guess I'm a bit bummed about having to start from scratch and missing out on the Crackhead Challenge..I can't even imagine doing 5 miles again..I said I was grateful for the lack of "pressure", but somehow it's nice if it's a choice I can make opposed to something that is thrust upon me because of a lack of ability...Sigh..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Post run soreness...but I'm not giving up....

I just think it's funny that the title to my last post "The drought is over!" is an understatement right now as we get pummeled with non-stop rain! That first and beautiful run, after the drought, has left me with an unexpectedly high amount of soreness, but I am not giving up! My IT band and knees were screaming at me the next day, that's for sure. I know it's been a while, but I ONLY did 3 miles, flat roads, took it slow and I was incredibly sore. The foam roller has been my best friend/enemy the past few days (although I didn't help my poor IT band by going to spin class and "kicking ass and taking names" on Tuesday night) but I digress...I plan to FINALLY meet up with my peeps and homies (aka LRM group) on Saturday morning for my first group run in a REALLY long time. I will only be doing 3 miles, the relay route, but I gotta start somewhere!

And I was thinking to myself the other day, that although there was initially some disappointment in not being able to do any forthcoming races...Now, I'm relieved...relieved that I can take my time recovering "smart" without the pressure of having to be ready for a race. Don't get me wrong, I am excited about upcoming races! My tentative race schedule is as follows, with some room for adjustment...

April 3 Capital City Classic 10K
April 24 Catholic High Rocket 5k (won an age group award here last year! TOUGH!)
May 8 Women Can Run 5k (PR'd here last year, I really liked the course)
May 22 Dino Dash (I didn't get to do this one last year, looking forward to it!)
October ? Soaring Wings Half Marathon (love this course! Was my very first half-marathon)

Not really sure if a marathon is in my future, or near future, I should say...I will see how my recovery goes. I wouldn't mind doing the Tupelo 14.2 Miler again in September. Keep you posted..

Monday, December 21, 2009

The drought is over!

Approximately six and a half weeks, folks, of no has come to an end! Today I ran for the first time since my marathon back on November 1st. It was GLORIOUS! The foot is not sore at this point, but I decided to take it easy, for obvious reasons...aka no running for almost 7 weeks and not wanting to overdo it the first time. My knees are a tad sore...I still cannot tie my shoe as tight as I usually do, so the insole didn't "hug" my foot like it's supposed to...but it's a start! It was the perfect day to run...sunny and 50's with a light wind. I enjoyed every moment!!

I did 3 miles running and it felt comfortable at a 10:14 pace, then walked about 0.5 miles. It sounds ridiculous...but I felt..."myself" for the first time in weeks. I am so thankful for the ability to run AT ALL right now! I was telling my blogging buddy, Jamie, today...that I would never choose it again, but I think the time off gave me some much needed perspective mentally and strength physically (cross training)...I am looking forward to getting back into it on a more regular basis.

I have opted not to do the LR Half Marathon. It's just too much pressure to try and catch up and I really don't want to risk another injury trying. Sadly, I cannot do the Crackhead or Half-Cracked challenge, but maybe next year! In the meantime, I do hope to get back into the running clinic with Dennis when he resumes and possibly the Women Can Run Clinic again, depending on my schedule. I hope to do some 5k's in the Spring and beyond that...I don't know...and FINALLY, I'm okay with that!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Can't run...let's do an Ultra!

I still can't run...and yet...I find myself really getting psyched about, not only getting back into it, but wanting to explore trail running and even doing an Ultra. I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions, because it usually becomes a recipie for self-defeat, but I would really like to do an Ultra in 2010, and if not next year, then in 2011. This is probably ridiculous, at least at this point, since I can't run at all...but I guess it was ridiculous to plan to do a marathon last year when I had never run over 5 miles at a time! So....bring on the ridiculous-ness!

PS The foot is feeling a bit better and I can tie my shoes a "little bit" tighter than before...Oh well, gotta start somewhere!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

32 days and counting...

It has been 32 days since I ran last...sniffle...I'm not counting the 0.3 mile attempt (aka disaster) 2 weeks ago, that resulted in...NOTHING...and having to turn around and go back home because the foot was too sore to continue. It saddens me to say that I will most likely not be able to do the Little Rock Half Marathon in March as a result. I told myself that I would accept that, and it looks like I have no choice, but it definitely continues to be frustrating and sad that I don't know when I WILL be able to run. I am still trying to keep up some cardio by doing the spin bike and some weight lifting again. Just when I think I can graduate from my Keen sandals (about the only shoes that I can wear that don't put pressure on my foot) to shoes loosely tied..the soreness returns....Geez...On top of that, wearing the Keen's probably isn't the best for my plantar fasciitis and my arch has been killing me...
I wanted to do the Indoor Tri at the NLRAC again in January, but I haven't even bothered to get myself up to the pool and obviously, I can't do the running portion.

It is a bit depressing to see all the friends and acquaintances being able to race and train for races. I really miss it. Don't get me wrong...I wish everyone the best! I just wish I could do it too. Sorry, folks, if you were looking for a happy post, you hit me on a bad day. Maybe next time!