Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blah...blah....and more blah...

I'm trying to get back into blogging regularly again, but it has been hard to get motivated, not sure why. The past few weeks has had its ups and downs, mostly having to do with my various and seemingly widespread injuries...hehe..

I will say, to start, that I had a blast at the NLRAC 1 hour Triathlon a few weekends back..I was nervous, especially since I had pulled my hip, again, and had been taking it easy that week and the week before. They had moved my time to 7:40, I was in the 3rd "heat"...I was so nervous, I could hardly sleep the night before. I just kept reminding myself that it was for fun and that I could just pretend it was a really good workout. I knew all the girls in my group, and was a bit apprehensive about that, since one girl in particular is pretty competitive, but it ended up making the whole thing more fun. We all were trying it for the first time, and everyone was very encouraging! The swim leg was first, with 10 minutes in the lap pool...just get as many laps as you can during that time. I must admit I got pretty tired, but I kept going the whole 10 minutes and Natalie Berry on the sidelines cheering me definitely helped! The 10 minute transition period flew by and it felt like it took me forever to dry off and get my clothes changed. I ran over to the spin bikes for the next "leg" of 30 minutes (as much mileage and wattage as possible). Thank God I brought my ipod! It was definitely fun joking around with the girls some, but I really pushed it during this part and I had Bon Jovi to help me along the way! hehe... I had brought my running shoes to change for the last "leg" on the treadmill, but with no transition period between the cycling and the running, i wished I had worn my running shoes during the cycling part, even though I hate to do that. It took a minute just to change shoes and later I had to stop to retie them! 2 minutes wasted....oh well...I turned that baby up and got as much mileage as possible in the last 18 minutes..

I would definately do that was fun, a good workout, and we got awesome goodie bags on top of it all. To top off a wonderful time, I got Starbuck's, headed home to change, and went back to the pool for a few lazy hours of relaxing in the sun!