Friday, February 12, 2010

Something borrowed...something blue...and preferably not too tight..

I borrowed this from OneLittleTriGirl...

Current Book: Which one? I am always in the middle of several books, of varying genre..
"Loving God with all your Mind" by Elizabeth George
" Blind Alley" byIris Johansen (just found this author..not sure about her yet)
"The Simple Living guide" by Janet Luhrs

Current Shame-"The United States of Tara"...vulgar and crass, but the acting is superb!

Current Colors: in scrub-pant blue...I live in scrub pants these days, since they are the least restrictive thing I own and I'm having lots of "fat days", since I can't work out

Current Obsessions: finding SOME way to work out and not hurt myself...and so I don't become a blob of jello

Current Drink: Green Tea Chai

Current Song: “Love Bites" by Def Leppoard

Current Wish-List: To be able to exercise...spin, run, plyometrics, yoga, Pilates..basically to be able to do all these things!

Current Need: Relief from pain and inflammation (some good steroids and maybe some PT and Electrotherapy for my hip), better eating habits, fellowship with good, like-minded friends, a new church home

Current Triumph: Trying to reconnect with neglected friends

Current Bane of my Existence: Hip pain, nuff said

Current Goal: Complete my Nursing continuing education by the end of February

Current Blessing: My friend Sara

Current Indulgence: Toffutti Butter pecan frozen, that stuff is DELISH!

Current Excitement: Maybe getting to go visit my friend Kristen in Colorado in April!

What about you guys?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This will be a very random, just warning you!

First of all...the snow here is crazy!
My last run was on Friday (?) I think, and it went fairly well. I was able to do 3.67 miles..but I had to do the walk/run thing. I guess I've had an all-or-nothing attitude about running. If I couldn't run, I wouldn't do anything. It wasn't until I talked to my pal, Kelli (who has been having hip issues also) and she mentioned that she was doing the walk/run thing to get back into it. So I tried it, 4 min running, 2 minutes walking. The hip felt great, although I had to stop before my goal of 4 miles. Better than nothing, I guess. Now, with the crazy snow and ice...even walking is not going to happen.

I am thoroughly depressed about my recent weight gain...but when I went from burning about 3000 calories (at least) a week, to about 300-400 and kept eating the same way, it was bound to happen! After viciously berating myself and a crying jag after looking at my ever-growing ass in the mirror...I reminded myself that it didn't happen overnight, and it won't come off overnight! However, heaping the criticism and name calling on myself has never helped, and even made things worse...and so I admit, fully and wholeheartedly that I need to lose weight and I start anew at my attempt to eat not only healthier, but in proportion to my calorie needs..Sigh...I never want to take my body for granted again. I love all the things that it can do and I'm sad when I can't be active. On a deeper, more philosophical and spiritual level, I am seriously placing my worth based on my weight and looks and need some fresh perspective.

I saw the movie "Lost in Austen" yesterday. I watched it online via Netflix when my satellite was out. Now, for those who know me...I have NEVER been a Jane Austen fan (except in the case of Emma)...I tried to read Pride and Prejudice several times and got insanely frustrated with the excessively superfluous descriptions..and I usually LOVE details! Not to mention, the very irritating character of the mother Mrs. Bennett, that was enough to kill it for me! But THIS was awesome!!! And...dare I may have aroused the desire in me to give Jane Austen another chance...? GASP! For those of you that have never heard of it, it is about a girl obsessed with all things Jane Austen, especially Pride and Prejudice. Somehow, a portal, if you will, is opened between her world and the world of Elizabeth Bennett via her bathroom wall. She enters the story, screws it all up and changes the fates of herself and everyone in the story. WATCH IT! But beware,it's almost 3 hours long.

On the family front, my Aunt and Uncle were in town this weekend and it was a great visit. I am not very close to our extended family and the last time they came to visit, things were a bit strained due to some issues that arose after my grandma died a few years ago. I think lately, since I have been spending so much time by myself, in somewhat of an isolated existance, I have been in dire need of human contact. Maybe so much, that I was willing to take it in the form of family (hehe)...but I realized how selfish I have been in the time that I do spend with other people. Wierd....Tammy's growing up....

Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm NOT getting there...running....cycling, swimming, or anything else....

Ok...contrary to my blog title...I'm not getting anywhere...I got a 2 miler in yesterday before the hip pain started again....Well, it was more of a tightness than pain. I hadn't run since last Sunday, thinking if I took a rest, it might help. I tried swimming...I don't think it hurt, necessarily, but I don't think it helped either. I'm pretty sure at this point that I have a hip flexor strain, so anything that involves pulling my knee toward my chest does NOT work. I can't cycle...I tried getting on the bike yesterday, even with no resistance, it made me sore, and that was less than 2 minutes! I can't get an appointment with my MD until the 15th of February...and I'm not sure I want to go, even though all I have done does not seem to be working. I'm basically thinking he is going to tell me it is a hip flexor strain or tendinitis and have me do all the things I have already been doing. And I'm kind-of thinking he might order an MRI, of which I cannot afford... And all that $ down the drain....sigh...

I've wondered about exercises to help the area, but most of them are to be done after the pain has completely gone away. I've tried to do some core strengthening exercises but the stretching actually seems to pull on my hip and I'm scared to make it worse. At this point, I'm willing to do just about anything to start making some progress. I saw a video online about wrapping the hip. Supposedly, the compression is supposed to help support it. I guess I'll give that a go, as long as I don't have to go out in public with ace wrapped around my butt and groin...

Someone PLEASE tell me something encouraging. On top of all this immobility and general sluggishness from not being able to do any form of cardio that doesn't hurt, I'm turning into a lard-ball.....