Saturday, September 20, 2008

Running skirts....falling skirts...

It was an interesting morning....I woke up to my alarm at 4;45 (geez...I couldn't believe it was already morning) and got ready to leave, wearing my new skirt. I was excited to finally get it and be wearing it!! Come to find out, it's too big, although when I put it on, it SEEMED to fit well. More on that later...

I usually check the weather to see what Saturday mornings are going to be like, but totally forgot last night. As I drove, it started to rain and I thought "Oh, crap"......Not only did I not have a waterproof jacket, but I was wearing a white top and wasn't about to be part of some wet t-shirt contest!! Thankfully, from the moment I stepped out of my car until the time I got back in, the most it did was mist a little.

I'd never run on the river trail, it was pretty enjoyable...although it was dark, and I kept looking around like a paranoid-schizophrenic for someone to pop out of the shadows and attack me. It was a good run and I felt great...aside from having to pull up that damn skirt the whole way..Don't get me wrong, I love the skirt, but I def have to buy a smaller size now. I should have tried it out on a shorter run. But now, I can't return it and am out $60! In any event, it was encouraging to be moving a bit faster this week. I did 6 miles this week, a nine minute mile! YAY!

I will try out the skirts I got from Target on shorter runs this week and eventually I will buy another running skirt from I was pleasantly surprised that the length was longer than I anticipated and the material is SO soft! Anyone want to buy my other skirt at a discount? It's a 10-12 (size 4 on the runnningskirts website). I usually wear a size 10, sometimes an 8, but it seems to run larger.


Cheryl said...

Glad you found a running skirt, even though it was big, I have one that's too big and I just use a safety pin to cinch it up at the waist! No need to waste your money. 9 minute mile, maybe I should back out on running with you, you'll run off and leave me :(

cindy & christy said...

Hi! Please do return your skirt to us for a smaller size! We don't want you running out of your skirt and we do donate used skirts to athletes in need and we know you need a skirt that fits! Just send a copy of this email or tell us that Christy approved the exchange and we'll take care of you and your too big skirt! Happy Running!
760.230.8187 (call with any questions)