Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back to the LRM training group and a few fitness goals...

Today was my first day back with the LRM training group....oh how I have missed thee! And....the first time I have done 4 miles since November...IT'S ABOUT TIME!

I met Cheryl and Kim at the Capitol this morning for the run. I told them, of course, that I would be a little slow, but they stuck with me for 3 miles. My foot is much better and I had no foot issues today, knew it was coming, didn't you? Somehow I "jacked up" my hip again this week and it has been sore for a few days. It felt a little tight on Tuesday, and I did the "smart" thing (NOT) and went to sculpt on Wednesday, thinking "I'll just take it easy in class"...Well, Wednesday was Charla's night to experiment with all sorts of new moves, and I knew I hadn't made it any better...Geez...So, I've been "babying it"...popping Ibuprofen, Mobic, Darvocet....icing it/ using the hot sock, SalonPas and avoiding spinning..even though it is taking everything in me not to spin today. The run went better than expected, but my hip did start that oh-so-lovely "pulling" feeling around mile 3, and I took my time. I definitely want it to be better for next weekend's Rhaling Rd. route, a route that I have surprisingly come to love. I love to tackle those hills...I would rather do hills all day long, as opposed to speed work, but I digress...

It was so nice to catch up with the girls a little bit and I am looking forward to continuing the Saturday morning runs! I plan to run again on Monday, and I am already excited about it.
As far as the new year goes, I'm not a big resolution person, but I have some general goals I would like to accomplish. I have made several goals in each area of my life that I want to see change (financial, personal relationships, health, work). As far as my health goals:

1. Attempt to drink the standard 8 8oz. glasses of water a day. I know I need it. I know it's good for me. It helps my stomach "issues". There is no reason not to.

2. Try a new vegetable and/or fruit every month.

3. Re-incorporate Pilates into my fitness routine. I would like to do it, at least, 2x a week.

4. Increase the amount of stretching I do, about 5 minutes after every workout.

5. Be consistent with taking my glucosamine, Vit C, Mobic, bee pollen and multivitamin every day or at least, every other day.

6. Air up the tires on my bike and get outside to ride!

7. Cut back on processed foods and sugar. Switch from Splenda to Stevia.

8. Do the 'Women Can Run' Clinic this spring (March-May)

9. After my Gu is gone, try to make my own natural energy gels or use natural foods to fuel on my runs.

10. Return to my green smoothies, 3-4 times a week.

11. Continue strength training 2-3 times/wk.

These are the things that I want to accomplish to make myself more healthy. Notice I didn't say "lose weight". It just so happens that I naturally tend to lose weight when I do these things anyway, which I wouldn't mind! I would LOVE to see gains in my endurance and strength even more, though!

I have to give my answer about doing the Ragnar relay to Cheryl by Monday..and I'm waffling about whether to do it or not. Financially, it's not TOO expensive..I mean, there is the flight, food and race registration, but I have quite a few months to pay for it or pay my credit card off..It definitely sounds fun and I would like to try a 24 hour relay, especially with a friend. I'm actually praying about this one. In fact, I'm praying about my running in general these days. It had become an all-too-consuming thing in my life and I want to keep things in perspective. I sense the freedom to do the relay at this point...but not 100% sure. I want to do the Soaring Wings Half Marathon this year, so I need see what date it falls on. My next post will tell!


That Pink Girl said...

Good for you taking it to the Lord, we often forget to listen to what He desires for us! BTW, what do you use bee pollen for?

愛的理由 said...
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Melissa H said...

Nice reminder that we all need to spend more time praying and God will take care of the rest!

As for the gels, I've been using Hammer Gels, which are all natural. But, I'm also going to start trying to use an even more natural fuel on long runs. After realizing how amazing the raisins helped me in the Disney, I'm definitely planning on using those for the next re-fuel.

I have quite a few runner friends who did Ragnar and they had a blast. Because of my family, I really can't be doing something like that right now. But, it sounds like an amazing experience!