Saturday, January 23, 2010

A change in plans...all over the place!

So...not too much new on the running front...I wisely declined the run on Rhaling Rd. hip has been sore on and off all week and I figured it would be best to skip it. Sad... :( I realized that the squats I have been doing while working out have NOT been helping my hip, so I ventured to Power Pump at the gym today but did NO leg stuff! This week I got a few short runs in...the last one I had to cut short at 3.4 miles because of the hip pain. Tomorrow I will most likely be running 4-5 miles (fingers crossed) at the very FLAT Murray Park with some of the Sunday Crackhead group.

I can already see some alterations in my racing "plan" for this year...I have decided to decline the "Oh-so-gracious" offer of Skip to do the Ragnar Relay in October. I really wanted to make sure of my decision before I said anything...I hate being flaky! There are several reasons I have decided not to do it. There is a conference I would like to attend in Estes Park, CO in April and I would get to bunk with one of my oldest and dearest friends! It has been years since I have seen her and I keep giving her the "I can't afford it" excuse for a while now. The price of the relay vs. the trip to Co would end up being about the same, and I can't do both. Secondly, hoping that I haven't crippled myself by a stupid workout decision or injury, I just really want to do the Soaring Wings Half Marathon again!

Part of my waffling on the decision has been the fear that if I don't do THIS relay, I won't ever do one at all. As far as I can tell, this fear is unfounded and I'm just trying to avoid feeling "left out" again. Ever since my injuries have kept me sidelined, I feel like I should grab every opportunity to run with my running pals or I will get "left behind" or "forgotten"...As much as this feeling sucks, I'm tired of making my decisions based on fear. I do everything I can do avoid disappointment, but sometimes things just don't happen the way you want them to. And it's okay to be disappointed. But sometimes...even though you can't see it right away, it ends up leading to something even better...I haven't made my conference reservations yet, but I'm really hoping to go. I will miss out on the Rocket 5k this year if I go...but I figure going to Colorado AND getting to see my good friend are a decent trade :)


Anonymous said...

I say, go with what you feel is right! I think that we do often commit ourselves to things based on fear, and as long as it's a HEALTHY fear, that's okay... it's when our lives are DICTATED by the fear that we need to watch out.

- Sagan

That Pink Girl said...

Sorry your hip is bothering you - gah, hips! They can be so needy!
Just keep making the right decisions for your body. It can be hard, but your bod won't lie! (and your friends won't forget you!!!)