Friday, February 12, 2010

Something borrowed...something blue...and preferably not too tight..

I borrowed this from OneLittleTriGirl...

Current Book: Which one? I am always in the middle of several books, of varying genre..
"Loving God with all your Mind" by Elizabeth George
" Blind Alley" byIris Johansen (just found this author..not sure about her yet)
"The Simple Living guide" by Janet Luhrs

Current Shame-"The United States of Tara"...vulgar and crass, but the acting is superb!

Current Colors: in scrub-pant blue...I live in scrub pants these days, since they are the least restrictive thing I own and I'm having lots of "fat days", since I can't work out

Current Obsessions: finding SOME way to work out and not hurt myself...and so I don't become a blob of jello

Current Drink: Green Tea Chai

Current Song: “Love Bites" by Def Leppoard

Current Wish-List: To be able to exercise...spin, run, plyometrics, yoga, Pilates..basically to be able to do all these things!

Current Need: Relief from pain and inflammation (some good steroids and maybe some PT and Electrotherapy for my hip), better eating habits, fellowship with good, like-minded friends, a new church home

Current Triumph: Trying to reconnect with neglected friends

Current Bane of my Existence: Hip pain, nuff said

Current Goal: Complete my Nursing continuing education by the end of February

Current Blessing: My friend Sara

Current Indulgence: Toffutti Butter pecan frozen, that stuff is DELISH!

Current Excitement: Maybe getting to go visit my friend Kristen in Colorado in April!

What about you guys?


Morgan said...

Have I sent you my PT exercises for hip/ITB issues yet? If not shoot me an email. redheadrunning (@) gmail.

Have a good Valentines weekend girl and don't let the non-running blues get you down!

Centenial College said...

Hey, I really liked the format of your post! Its something different than the usual ones, plus quick to ready and was interesting.
Continuing Education

gabsatrucker said...

Oh, I like this! I will occasionally do something similar on my blog just to shake things up. Hate that you're not able to find something that works for you workout wise though :-(


Melissa H said...

LOVED this (and will definitely "borrow" it).

Hate to hear that you're having ITB issues. They suck. I hate them. No, "hate" is not a strong enough word. I can't tell you how many runs were scrubbed because of ITB issues! Definitely get the PT exercises from Morgan. I don't know which ones she has, but stretch-stretch-stretching, resting and icing were the only things that helped me get over them. Now, it is absolutely essential that I wear a heavy-duty knee brace (the reason I have them in the first place is because of a torn meniscus in my left knee) and I stretch the IT band like crazy before a run (and ice afterwards!)

It is temporary. And so is the weight gain. We didn't gain weight.... we're just fluffier. It's our winter coat. ;-)

Susan said...

Great post! I need to do the same!