Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm getting there...runnning, then slogging, then walking....

Today was the LR Marathon run, as is every Saturday, 12 miles....I haven't done a run that long since the Soaring Wings half in October. The temp wasn't bad...Luckily, it wasn't raining, but Cheryl said that it was supposed to drop in temp outside, so I was concerned that I didn't have enough layers on..I ended up being very comfortable, even when it got windy. The route was the "River Market Route", but I wasn't sure what that entailed today, as it has been changed up several times. I told the girls, "At least it's not the MLK Route..." I had to laugh as I got the directions and Cheryl said "Look!" and I saw Daisy Bates and MLK Dr....ugh....I think we ran on every downtown street today! The route was redeemed, somewhat, as we didn't get lost.

Cheryl was designated the "Safety and Security Officer" of our little threesome (she is able to warn us of each and every car and crack in the road), Kim the "Taskmaster"(the drill sargeant, if you will) and me....I guess the designated "Scape Goat of injury"....kidding...partially....hehe...Speaking my foot was acting up like it did after the Spa 10k. I was thinking that it was Posterior Tibial Tendonitis, could be, but Kim laughed when I said it.. For once my knees and IT band weren't too bad, just a little sore. Unfortunately, at about mile 3.5, my foot issue just got worse and worse and I had to slog (run/jog) and walk many times. I could tell it was getting irritating, but probably not half as irritating as my moaning and groaning about it.... I know that I need a desperate mindset change about this whole running and/or marathon thing...I am just so frustrated that I feel so helpless about all these physical issues I've been having. I guess I analyze it to death, hoping there's something that I can try that I haven't thought of yet. I really need to get my issues with my shoes settled, so I can continue injury free (as possible) for the marathon. I'm hoping when we go to Memphis on Friday, that when we go to the Expo, I can check out some insoles that may help. I'm not sure if I've really given my orthotics a fair chance, but in my defense...they seemed unbearable to wear! I may have to head out to the New Balance store to see if the Podorthist who made them for me can suggest something...

To my advantage and Cheryl's credit, I was able to finish today. She stopped with me every time I had to walk and even though I'm sure it was annoying as hell, she was very gracious about it and didn't make me feel even more horrible about slowing she and Kim down....over 2 hours later....geez... Afterwards, we headed to Starbuck's as usual, but we were SHOPPED OUT after yesterdays 11-12 hour shopping extravaganza, so we took a very quick trip to Barnes and Noble so Kim could get a book for her mom for Christmas. Cheryl ended up finding some things too.. Yesterday was full of good deals with the sales and various coupons we had. I even got a free $25 gift card at Sports Authority and was able to buy several pairs of much needed socks, one of which I wore today and I love them!

This week will be a few short runs during the week and off to Memphis on Friday for the Memphis Half next Saturday...I am not even thinking about a this point...only finishing....but it should be a fun weekend with Aunt Martha and SHOPPING!!

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Cheryl said...

It's only frustrating and irritating to you, it didn't bother me a bit to walk or slow down. I've had my issues and so has Kim, we both understand, we just want you to find out what's wrong, go to that "guy" at NB and find out 1) if he is a runner? 2) does he have a pair or has he every worn them? 3) try walking in them or exercising in them prior to running in them. That guy could be a quack!