Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A BIG pain in the neck.............

Well, right now I am sitting inside due to the SHEET of pure ice down our street! Going nowhere today, although I can't say I'm too heartbroken, since I had to miss work. I am, however, disappointed about no outside running or going to the you can see, my priorities are in the right place!! HA!

Yesterday I woke up with some horrible neck pain and stiffness, but it had started to get better as the morning went on...Somehow in my circuit class, I was doing the Lat Pulldown and I certainly "pulled" something, because I felt my neck spasm after I did it. I don't know if I made it worse or caused some new damage, but after that, much of my workout was useless. I couldn't raise my arms, or do planks or mountain climbers due to the pain...I had to leave the class. I did get in about 15 minutes of the elliptical before class, but it definitely pissed me off....that I hurt myself and that I had to stop....again, priorities....When I got home, I took a hot shower and some Ibuprofen and that seemed to help some. I didn't get adventurous, but I was able to turn my head better side-to-side as the day went on. I had to get my CPR Re-certification, so I announced to my instructor as I entered that I had limited ROM of my neck and "blowing into the dummy" might be hard! Ha! He was really laid back and commented that we would "simulate" breaths, since he didn't know the last time "Annie" had a good cleaning! I normally dread that class every two years, because every time I have had to re-certify, shortly thereafter, I have to use it in a code situation! I don't mean to be superstitious, but I guess I sure do pay alot more attention to detail!!

After the class, I headed to the North Little Rock Athletic Club to run on the indoor track. Twelve laps is one mile, so I did 60....5 miles....I had to keep changing directions, so that the curves wouldn't be on the same side all the time. It was a little boring, but I had my ipod (which, come to think of it, I need to add some more music to) and the softer surface seemed to help my foot hurt less than usual...I was going to go to the 5:30 Sculpt class, but the weather was supposed to start getting bad and I was unsure how smart it would be to go to class and try to lift anything or do anything that might make my neck I left. It did feel good to get that run in, and I definitely was glad I didn't have to treadmill it! I was glad I left when I did, because it had started to sleet again, and the traffic was horrible! and now, my neck is worse than yesterday. I tried both ice and heat, they might have helped somewhat, but lying down was the worst position to be in. I got hardly any sleep last night and any time I am in a lying position, I have to physically lift my head with my hand...Geez...I put on SalonPas patches and they seem to help some, but I may have to break out the muscle relaxers later today. I hate to take anything stronger than Ibuprofen, cause those pain pills make me feel funny....I'm hoping I don't have to. Work may be out tomorrow...Aside from the weather, I don't know if I can do patient care, when I can barely lift anything or turn my head...we'll see. Since I'm not getting outside today, I may do my exercise bike for a while to get SOME exercise! My Podiatrist appt is on Thursday and I am praying that God will give him wisdom as to what the deal with my foot is....Normally, I'm not thrilled with going to the doctor, but this guy, Dr. Richard Bronfman at the Jacksonville Foot Clinic, is well known for his treating runners! I'll keep you posted! A look further out to the weekend reveals...weird news, in that it is supposed to be in the 60's and rainy...geez....14 miles in the rain....ugh....

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