Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

To all of blog land....Merry Christmas! Cheryl, Kim and I went for a short 5.75 mile run this cold Christmas morning! My IT bands and hip flexors were bothering me a bit (they didn't take a holiday!) but I made it! I haven't been doing hills lately due to my PF, so today was a tad rough. The run was filled with funny stories and laughter and it was just great to be with the girls! Cheryl and I were the picture of Christmas...she with her Santa hat and me with my pink and red striped "legwarmers"....(the Cho-pat strap was a tad tacky with the outfit, but hey, can't help needing that...). We tried to chronicle the outfits, but Kim was having a "I can't work this camera" day and the battery died before we got a good shot....

After the run, we had some wonderful "nutty" coffee and opened presents....I got a cute journal, a serving bowl type thing from Pier 1, an ornament, an apron, some serving napkin/coasters, wonderfully warm and supportive slippers, and a baby piggy bank......I gave Kim a subscription to Ultra Running Magazine and I got Cheryl a runner planner/logbook. Neither present was actually available to give due to the shipping issues, but they were great about it and I hope they like what I got them! Fun morning with my little "running family", #2 and #3, as I affectionately call them! What a great way to start Christmas!


Susan said...

Sounds wonderful! Holiday runs are the best.

Kim has not updated her blog in ages. Get on to her about that! :)

N.D. said...

What a great start to Christmas! I love it!