Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cold...rain...sleet...hail....I said it would be a wintery mix.....everyone made fun of me, but I was right!

I can't believe that I haven't posted for almost a month..I cannot possibly recap the events of the past 3 weeks and weekend runs, however, I hope to be a little more diligent in the coming weeks up to the race and post-race. Last weekend was my 20 miler!! I actually finished and I couldn't believe it! Apparently all the weather that we have "luckily" dodged, caught up with us this past weekend in the form of cold, rain, sleet, hail, and thunder and lightning...and looks to be headed our way again for another long run on Saturday....This weekend is the dreaded Murray Park, which I'm sure involves the all-too-common River trail that I have come to dread. I am hoping, against hope, that it will at least stay dry until we are done, despite the cold and wind that are expected as well.

This past weekend was, as I said, WET. Thankfully, we stayed dry for about the first 6.5 miles before it started to pour on us. We started at the Capitol and headed through downtown. It was almost exactly last week's run plus more, but I didn't care as long as it was NOT that damn River trail. My feet felt amazingly good the whole run, a little sore, but not too bad. I think I started out a bit too fast, trying to keep up with Kim and Cheryl, and my hip flexors and/or IT band quickly let me know I needed to slow down!! After that it was a decent pace, with a few walk breaks thrown in. The past couple of weeks I have been doing the run/walk thing..usually running 4-5 miles and then walking 0.5 as I nourish/drink. That was a bit shot to hell as the rain picked up. Kim said she was "not about to walk" with it raining that hard! It did slow down to a sprinkle here and there and I got a few small walks in, but not what I planned. We stopped at 12 miles, Cheryl needed to change her socks and I needed to refill my water bottles. Kim decided at that point to leave..she was getting blisters and was a little worried about getting sick before her Ultra this weekend. and Cheryl took off for the last 8 miles. It rained the whole time, but not too hard. At mile 17, the Marathon chicks had a station set up for us with snacks and water. It was nice! The last 3 miles seemed long and my left hip was bothering me, so I had to do a walk/jog combo for the last mile or so...Cheryl did her usual supportive "you can do it" shpiel, of which I was VERY grateful and we made it to the end. Tom was there to great us and showed me another good stretch for my IT Band. We were sooo glad it was over! I do feel like I had another 6.2 miles in me if I HAD to and that made me finally feel somewhat ready...

Of course, our run was followed by the usual Starbuck's visit, and we headed back to Cheryl's. We didn't hang long, since we were both cold and wet....maybe we'll have a repeat of that this weekend. I hope not!!

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Cheryl said...

Another milestone in the record books for Tambo! And another one in less than two weeks, I think you are READY, you are going to finish in about 5 hours!