Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rhaling Rd..Part Deaux...'s been a while since I've blogged! I didn't even post about last week's run at Murray park! Needless to say...I need to start posting fairly soon afterward, or I forget...Anyhoo, all I remember about last weekend's run was that it was COLD, COLD, COLD and I am learning to hate the River trail...My right foot was bothering me and I had to put my ChoPat strap on about mile 8 or 9 (?)...the IT band stuff is back, but hopefully I can nip that with some more stretching...Cheryl and I were SOOOO glad that run was over.

This past week was not inspiring in terms of my runs and I only did 3 days, not including yesterday's long run with the LRM group...Monday I got a 4 miler in before the "bad weather" was supposed to arrive...It was all I could do to get my butt out there...I was glad that I did it, but man, it was a mental exercise just to go...I have always loved winter running, but maybe I'm just getting old...or sick of the cold....or both...cause the thought of running outside anymore just makes me cringe!! Wednsday I was SO dreading the cold, that I ran on the indoor track at NLRAC. Yes, I am crazy, I did 75 laps around that sucker to get my 6.25 miles...Kim and Cheryl both said "Ugh!" to that, but it really wasn't that bad. My foot felt pretty good that day and the softer surface helps once in while. BonJovi and Guns N' Roses kept me company...I know I'm "old-school", but for some reason, if I have the "Big Hair Bands" to listen to, I can persevere. Now....only to persuade the organizers of the LR Marathon to pump some tunes throughout the whole marathon, I would make it just fine....Friday was a low-key 3-miler. I had to really psych myself up for that one...but I was glad when it was done.

Now...for Saturday...a 16 miler on Rhaling Rd. It started out pretty cold...WHEN we started!! We met Kim at O"Looney's parking lot and ended up getting there just as every one was starting. We tried to start, but Cheryl's tummy had other ideas. Since the nearest bathroom was a questionable 6 miles away, we headed back to the truck and drove to the gas station so she could do the dirty deed. When we got back...there was pretty much no one in sight, but not too long into it, we passed Hobbitt and her walking entourage..The first 8 miles or so weren't too bad, but it was like my foot KNEW we were halfway and really started bothering me. Cheryl had been having foot problems too (hasn't gotten new shoes yet) and was hating every step. The hills didn't seem as bad (cardio wise), but they weren't too great on the foot. I had to put the ChoPat strap on about mile 12 or 13. That hill wasn't as bad as anticipated, but we were ready for the finish!! Blueberry Nutrigrain bars greeted us at the end...and of course, Starbuck's....

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