Saturday, March 20, 2010


Well, it is def time for an update!

Good news folks: I am going to PT!

It all started with the LR Marathon Expo....I ended up going to the Expo with Skip (aka Cheryl) and Kim...(1) in support of them, (2) to check out all the latest cool running stuff, (3) to meet a new pal Jamie, whom I met via the blogging world. My friend and fellow hip-pain sufferer, Kelli, was there volunteering with packet pick up. Cheryl and Kim immediately went to pick up their packets and Kelli told me about a booth at the expo for a clinic called Innovative Spine Rehab. Well...I would have walked right by the booth, mostly based on the name, but she showed me the brochure she picked up and it said that they specialize in knee and hip problems too. Not only that, but there was a coupon inside for a FREE, yes folks you read that right..a FREE CONSULTATION. Well...needless to say, I hightailed it over there! Darby, the PT, asked about my problems/issues and said that I should call Monday to set up my appt. He said he would get me in within 48 hours of my call! I was EXCITED!

Of course, I called upon the clinic opening on Monday morning and was scheduled for an appt. on Wednesday morning! Wednesday morning came and I was excited but apprehensive..what if he couldn't do anything for me? It was the last thing I knew to do and I was worried...He, of course, did a series of tests in flexibility, alignment, etc. and told me that if it truly was a muscular issue, I would greatly benefit from 3-4 weeks of PT. Verdict: VERY WEAK HIPS. What surprised me most was that he didn't just say "here's what's wrong with you.." and push me out the door. He actually treated me that day, at no charge! He did Ultrasound, stem, exercises and ice. I was there for about 2 hours! Finally...HOPE on the horizon...I could immediately tell a difference in the tightness I had been feeling.

Now to the financial part of things...I was worried (yes, I'm a big worrier) that I wouldn't be able to afford the sessions at $75 each. Unfortunately, my insurance company would not pay until I met my deductible and because the PT clinic was "out of network", if I used them, they would double my deductible before they paid anything!!! Nothing short of HIGHWAY ROBBERY! Liz, an office manager, said that she would "work with me" on the fees and as long as I paid a little each visit, I would be okay...kind of like the old days of having a "tab" there...This was even better than having to put my therapy on my credit card!! I have had 3 sessions so far and I can't believe how weak my hips are!! But I am hopeful that I am on the road to recovery!! I can tell a difference, in general, in my flexibility and can now squat and lift my legs a little toward my chest. He hasn't banned me from running and I hope to get back to it, I MISS it! He did tell me not to run this weekend ( I had a strenuous workout yesterday) and I was glad I didn't try it (although, I thought about it) cause I am really sore! But, it's a good sore, not the usual "catch" feeling and tightness. I will ice today to help that, and my next appt. is on Monday! I am so thankful that I have been able to go. I really feel like God provided for my needs here and that means everything...especially since I have been feeling so hopeless and depressed. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to hang in there and helped me keep things in perspective!!!!

Back to the expo...I met a great gal named Jamie!! We have been emailing back and forth for a few months after "meeting" via blogland. We don't know each other that well, but it was like running into an old friend when we met... SUPER encouraging, she has been praying for me and sending me uplifting emails for a while! Jamie, you are a lifesaver! I hope we can bond soon in person! The day of the marathon was, like I said, bittersweet...but it was fun cheering on all the runners with my sign "Good Luck Runners"...the same sign a friend made for me last year when I ran the race!..People loved it...even though I spilled coffee on it that morning and there was a big brown trickle down the front...haha..

I hope that I will have more positive results to report in the days to come. I'm keeping my expectations light...After I started feeling a little better, I started to imagine all the races I wanted to do..I had to reign myself in, cause I was putting pressure on myself. I would like to build up a good base, so I can start training this fall with the LRM group again to do the Hobbittom Challenge and LR Marathon next year in March. Not worried about speed, just wanting to run, PERIOD!

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