Monday, March 29, 2010

Quick update...

Not much to add lately...I am about to go to my next PT appt. Sadly, I think it's going to take more PT than I hoped to get myself "fixed up", if you will, but the good news is that I am having more pain free days and am able to actually my daily life and in weight lifting. I have been working on my upper body strength and that has improved, but I am still not able to use that much weight for squats or steps, baby steps...

The last run I attempted was several days ago and it didn't go very hips were more sore than expected, my right IT Band was acting up and overall, I felt crappy. I tried to go after work and the weather was rather warm. I think I was a bit dehydrated from not being able to drink much water that day, and I just felt like a limp noodle! I hope to attempt it again this week.

Skip and Kim are running the Capital City Classic this coming weekend. I did that race last year and I'm sad that I can't do it again this year. I thought about signing up anyway, but I haven't even WALKED 6 miles in the past few to wait, I think. I'm hoping to do a 5k in May and definitely not for speed. I will be out of town this year for the Catholic High Rocket City maybe this year I can do the Dino Dash? It's pretty hilly, so I will see...Off to PT!

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