Friday, July 30, 2010

Insoles return...and so do the walk breaks...

Well....I finally got my custom insoles. Still having a tiny bit of knee pain, but it is usually after my runs...I think it's a bit of IT band stuff, but maybe I need my insoles adapted? I wanted to wear them for a week to see how they felt, since there seems to be a short adjustment period whenever I get new shoes or insoles. I'm still trying to tell if they are going to work for me. Thankfully, the guys at New Balance will adjust them as needed, but it is a bit frustrating trying to pinpoint exactly what the "not right" feeling is and telling them in a way that they can make the needed adjustments. We'll see about that...

I have returned to my foam rolling for my IT band and am continuing to do my hip exercises. I read on another blog that a girl who was having problem with her IT Band was told to do "quad sets" by her PT. I was thinking "What are those?"....basically they are similar to a leg extensions, but probably without weight, the whole point being to strengthen the quads and contract the muscles. Then I remembered that a muscle imbalance can cause IT Band issues. I haven't been doing leg extensions because they used to bother my hip flexor, but I hadn't tried them since I had been going to PT. So, last time I went to the gym, I did 3 sets of 20 leg extensions with 35 lbs. I could tell IMMEDIATELY that it helped!! So, needless to say, I have worked these back into my strengthening routine.

I have tried not to overdo the whole cross-training thing, while trying to get back into running. I really have been abusing my poor body and hating on it because I've been so frustrated at how all these injuries have been plaguing me...and how slowly my recovery has been. In fact, I have probably been slowing my own recovery, pushing myself too hard...trying to "get back to where I was"...Truth can't come back from almost 5 months of no running and resume like nothing ever happened....Well, maybe some people can, but not this Sheila....I think I've internalized my anger about that and taken it out on myself. It's not getting me anywhere! It's hard feeling like a newbie...I almost feel like I don't know what the hell I'm doing and I'm having to relearn my limits all over again.

I am able to run 20 minutes at a time before having to take a walk break now..I think that is mostly due to overdoing my cross training and then having a sore hip..But yesterday I just let myself do the Galloway method...doing a 5 minute walk at the beginning, and then doing a 5:1 ratio of running/walking and at the end...I felt great! I am afraid that if I get into the habit of doing this, that I won't be able to build up my endurance to run longer periods of time, but right now...Getting my runs in without injury is more important. I'm tired of being plagued by fears that every run will result in pain. So...Galloway here I come! I'm actually looking forward to feeling better at the end of my long runs. I'm even curious to see in an upcoming half marathon, how it works for me. There are several "goal time" schedules in the Galloway book and they usually call for a few speed work days that I probably won't be able to do, but it's an experiment I'm willing to try! Tomorrow is my 7 miler, so I'll see how it goes.

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