Monday, December 21, 2009

The drought is over!

Approximately six and a half weeks, folks, of no has come to an end! Today I ran for the first time since my marathon back on November 1st. It was GLORIOUS! The foot is not sore at this point, but I decided to take it easy, for obvious reasons...aka no running for almost 7 weeks and not wanting to overdo it the first time. My knees are a tad sore...I still cannot tie my shoe as tight as I usually do, so the insole didn't "hug" my foot like it's supposed to...but it's a start! It was the perfect day to run...sunny and 50's with a light wind. I enjoyed every moment!!

I did 3 miles running and it felt comfortable at a 10:14 pace, then walked about 0.5 miles. It sounds ridiculous...but I felt..."myself" for the first time in weeks. I am so thankful for the ability to run AT ALL right now! I was telling my blogging buddy, Jamie, today...that I would never choose it again, but I think the time off gave me some much needed perspective mentally and strength physically (cross training)...I am looking forward to getting back into it on a more regular basis.

I have opted not to do the LR Half Marathon. It's just too much pressure to try and catch up and I really don't want to risk another injury trying. Sadly, I cannot do the Crackhead or Half-Cracked challenge, but maybe next year! In the meantime, I do hope to get back into the running clinic with Dennis when he resumes and possibly the Women Can Run Clinic again, depending on my schedule. I hope to do some 5k's in the Spring and beyond that...I don't know...and FINALLY, I'm okay with that!

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That Pink Girl said...

Woo hoo to running again! You are smart to come back slowly; don't push it!