Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sluggish day.....

Not much new in my running world...I ran 4 miles this morning with the LRM Group. I was debating on whether to run because my hip was a bit sore and tight last night. I did some of my PT exercises and stretches, iced it, and slapped several SalonPas patches on, to wear overnight. I think it helped, because it felt pretty decent this morning. The first few miles went well, but that last mile was killer hard for some reason. I didn't really have much discomfort in the hip, just felt sluggish. I didn't feel like it was overly hot or humid, compared to the last few days...but nevertheless, it was tough. Of course, I went to my Power Pump class and was able to finish, but felt sluggish there too. Not sure if it was not enough food and/or water this morning, or just being in need of more rest..or a combination of both. I may take tomorrow as a rest day too.

Yesterday was SUPPOSED to be my PT "graduation", but I think I did too much this week and made my hip sore. Hopefully, only one or 2 more sessions. Darby added another exercise and did active release again...which HURTS when it's being done, but after...oh so much better! I guess I have been extremely hard-headed about my exercising..I guess because I couldn't do a lot of it for so long and I'm glad to be back..but it definitely leads me to overdoing it. This week I did:

Monday- Boot camp type class and ran
Tuesday-Power Pump (weights)
Wednesday-Sculpt and ran
Friday-rest day
Today-ran and Power Pump

It might not have been so bad, but that class on Monday kicked my a** and I was sore all week. EVERYTHING hurt...when I woke up the next morning, I was convinced I had the flu. Nope, just that dang class! I can only handle it once a week or less, it just ruins me for everything else, especially my running! I am on a loose schedule, training for the Soaring Wings Half Marathon in October. Right now, I'm trying to regularly get in 4 days a week of running and trying to build up the endurance. I'm between running/ walking 6:1 and's slowly improving. On the shoe front, I think I need to bust out a new pair. I'm starting to get a little knee pain when I run and that usually signals "it's time". I have started dating my shoes so I know when to change them, but my running has been so sporadic and so many fewer miles, that it's been hard to tell when to change pairs. I wasn't keeping track of my mileage for a while, just trying to run for time.

I want to get back on my spin bike soon. I miss it and I keep seeing all these tri's going on everywhere and I am getting the "itch" again!


gabsatrucker said...

I've been having a sluggish week too :-(. sounds like you're well on your way to a great comeback though!!!


Tricia said...

happy to hear the hip held up for the run!